Monday, 4 June 2012

Tax Agent duties

Hi Platinum,
Myself is Jaspreet and I need your assistance as I am doing volunteer with a company. They have a position available as a Tax Agent for their clients.Before I apply for that job I want to prepare myself.Could you please explain me what are the steps or duties of a tax agent.

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  1. Hi Jaspreet,

    Hope you are well. To apply for tax agent role may sometimes require the candidate to have a Tax Agent Licence. The general responsibilities for a tax agent include the below:

    •Preparing Individual Tax Returns
    •Preparing Trusts & Company Tax Returns
    •Reviewing tax returns prior to lodgement
    •Providing general tax advice & tax strategies
    •Liaising with the ATO

    There could also be some business strategy related tasks, depending on the company’s requirements.

    Good luck with your interview. Bring back some good news.