Thursday, 12 April 2012

Batching in MYOB

Hi Platinum

In Platinum I did payment to suppliers individually. my question is how can i do batching on myob or Is it possible to pay multiple number of suppliers in single pay run by MYOB

Thanks in advance


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  1. Hi Kamrul
    Yes, you can pay multiple suppliers in one go using MYOB. You just have to go through the below steps:

    Purchase – pay bills – after you choose the right account you would like to make payment from, select ‘Group with Electronic Payments’ option – pick suppliers that you would like to make payments to – record – pick the next supplier – record etc.

    After all the above, you have to select ‘prepare electronic payments’, tick all the payment items and prepare one bank file and send it to the bank.

    Please note: to implement the above procedures successfully, you do need to set up ‘M-Power’ function on your MYOB. Otherwise it won’t work.

    Hope it helps.