Thursday, 15 March 2012

Exciting Areas of Accounting

Hi, I have come across an interview question with which I would like to get some help. The question is:

There are many different division within this company and within the finance teams – financial accounting, management accounting, capital accounting, analytics etc. Which area excites you most and why?

Choosing a division of my interest and answering is not a problem. But I would be grateful if you could suggest me something specific that an employer would like to hear in the answer. What should I focus on more?

Thanks in advance.



  1. Hi Sudip,

    I think the principle should be showing that you have the flexibility to take on any roles that are potentially available for you. Do not be picky and choosy. But meanwhile, you should also feel free to let your future employers know that you are quite determined and not afraid to show who you really are and what you are really interested in.

    Hence, I would mention that I wouldn’t mind stepping into any area if there is opportunity available. But management accounting so far always stimulates my interest as I’ve been working in that area for a while.

  2. Hi Sammy,

    As shown in the internship, Accounts Payable reconciliation in Florian is usually done on a monthly basis as we negotiated the payment terms with all our suppliers as 15days EOM. So we will run our payment on a monthly basis. Apart from doing banking reconciliation straight after payment is released, we also have to make sure that the Trade Creditor account balance, AP ageing report grand total and sum of all tax invoices are all reconciled prior to the payment being made.


  3. I think there are too many things exciting in accounting but it depend upon people some people think that tax area is more exciting some think others.