Thursday, 15 March 2012

Reconciliation Officer

Hi Platinum

I got a call from a company for an Interview for the position of Reconciliation Officer. I am wondering what are the potential questions for that particular position?

If they ask me ” why should we hire you?” then what is the best answer? It is very funny ask this question to you but seriously i am very confuse.Just wanna know best answer.

Thank you for your great help.


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  1. Hi Anju

    Thanks for your question. The potential questions for a Recs Officer would be “What software does your current company use to do reconciliations?”, “If you see a discrepancy between your books and bank statement, describe the steps taken to resolve the discrepancy?”, “How often do you do bank reconciliations?”, “Whats the daily volume of your bank transactions?”.

    To the question, why should I hire you, please highlight your strengths that your friends might say about you. You also need to sell yourself well. This is much harder than you think because most people tend to be shy or dont like to show off, but in interviews, you need to take on a much bolder personality.

    Good luck